The Future of Web Development with Jamstack

Over the years, the ways we get to build our websites have changed. In the past, you had to be a highly technical person to be able to build a simple website. You need to be able to write complex code and properly deploy them. However, as technology advanced, this became a thing of the past. The widespread popularity of the web and the need for everyone to have access to it, led to the development of platforms through which you can build websites easily.


With these platforms, you really do not need to know how to write code at all. You can just “drag and drop” pages, and customise them as you wish. These platforms are generally called Content Management Systems (CMS). Popular examples include WordPress, Wix, Joomla. As time went on, there were CMS platforms aimed towards building certain types of websites such as e-commerce stores. Examples are Shopify and BigCommerce.


These CMS platforms also had several tools that are known as plug-ins. With these plug-ins you can add extra features geared at giving your website do much more. For instance, there are plug-ins that allow you to receive payments. The part where you might need code involves you increasing the functionality of the website beyond the basics.


However, website development has gone beyond all of these and there is the need for more functional website development systems. There is need for better, faster and more seamless ways to build, operate and manage websites. This brings up the need for a technology like JAMStack.


JAMStack is a newer way to get to build secure, fast and cheaper websites. When CMS are used to build websites, there are many different parts involved. This makes them slow, somewhat unresponsive, and even comparatively expensive to run. JAMStack changes all of that.


The “JAM” in JAMStack stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup. Thus, it brings together 3 main technologies to help busineses and organizations give their users better website experience.


In the past few years, the stack has become really popular with many more interesting additions and features being added from time to time.

Benefits of JAMStack

Why has JAMStack become so popular in just a few years? There are a number of factors that makes it quite attractive. These include:

JAMStack has proven to be much faster than most of the CMS platform out there. As a business owner, you really do not want slow website response to drive customers away. JAMStack fixes all of that.

With JAMStack, the capacity of your website can be increased several times.

Frequently, we witness downtimes with CMS-powered websites especially when they encounter heavy traffic. However, although this still happens with JAMStack, it is greatly reduced

Due to the static HTML upon which JAMStack operates, there is no need for a database or server. As a result, there is no database for cyber-attackers to attack. Thus, this makes websites that run on JAMStack much more secure than websites that run on databases.